We can’t just rely on our ship’s laser to get the job done. This is a hostile alien fleet after all. A never-ending hostile alien fleet. Some jobs require a more… heavy handed approach.

There’s a couple things I want out of a good alternative firing method.

Everyone loves Instagram filters, right? Well why not have them on your video game?

Post-processing is the art of adding visual effects to your game to really add some atmosphere and identity to what you’re building.


I’ve been feeling like our game environment has been a bit stale lately, which is why I switched up the background in my last article. It worked for me for maybe a day but it was still missing something. That something was movement. Motion creates emotion, as they say. …

Previously we’ve set up animations for our Powerup objects, but they’re just a set of sprites animating in a never-ending loop. That’s obviously not going to work for everything we want to animate.

For example… let’s blow up some alien ships.


Thinking it Through

There once was a little ship that shot little lasers. The ship was happy for some time until it realized it could be… more. Welcome to powerups.

Triple Shot: Is one laser ever enough? Of course not. …

Alex Somerville

On a quest to become a game developer. Still sometimes providing unsolicited advice about how to function in society.

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