Unity Game Development — The Quest for Riches, Ruin, and/or Rainbow Roads

It’s finally come time for a new adventure. Spending half my life as a web developer has been a wonderful experience. As a developer, it comes with the territory that I love learning new things constantly and, regrettably, sometimes much too rapidly.

Video games have been a lifelong passion for me, ever since the first time I died of dysentery on my family’s first household computer which was, to my recollection, a Macintosh II.

DISCLAIMER: My childhood memory is hazy at best so take the nostalgia with a grain of salt.

One would think that making a career out of programming and a thirst for gaming would have led me to this inevitable conclusion a long time ago, but I always convinced myself that game development was some sort of secret cabal that you needed a special membership card to enter… it wasn’t until recently that I decided that thought was probably a result of playing too many video games.

My Unity Hub — Complete with sassy fluorescent pink Windows 10 highlights

In the interest of making the most of my learning experience, I eventually stumbled on the GameDevHQ community and the resources and mentorship they provide for new programmers looking to become Unity and Game devs.

Going forward, this Medium is going to be a place for me the record the eccentricities, thoughts, problems, and solutions that I come across or come up with as I go through my learning experience.

For now, I’m just excited to create my first cube.

On a quest to become a game developer. Still sometimes providing unsolicited advice about how to function in society.